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·         Auto Lathe Machining of Ferrous/Non Ferrous Metal, Copper, Brass and other Alloyed Materials

·         Machining of Brass/Copper fittings and threaded inserts

·         Steel components

·         Aluminum washers, threaded inserts, ball joints and other components

·         Plastic fittings, sleeves, washers & connectors

·         Teflon Ring (white) 90/140/270mm

·         POM Air Exhaust Cover 360mm

·         Insulation Fiber Disc 300mm

·         Cast Nylon Brake Piece 155mm

·         Teflon Seal (Black) 300mm

·         Carbon Mechanical Sleeves

·         Stainless Steel Assembly Ø60mm

·         Stainless Steel Hub for Motor Clutch Ø90mm

·         Hardened Steel Chemical Ram

·         Plastic PVC Piping and Tubing Connector Sleeves 100mm

·         Plastic Prototype Sample Fabrication

·         Aluminum Inserts of Vacuum Forming Molds For Disposable Plastic Cups

·         Epoxy Casting for Plastic Components

·         Teflon Blades for Food Mixer

·         Repair of Lathe Machine Slider & Carbon Ring

·         Reform and Repair of Rectangular Die for Vacuum Forming

·         Air Hose Connector 40mm for Vacuum Cleaner

·         PVC Ramp for Wheel Chair Access to Restroom

·         Crushing Machine Cutting Blade Fabrication

·         Modifications To Create 2 Slot Openings for Car park Sensor Electronic Cartridge

·         Prototype Fabrication for Bow & Arrow Interactive Console Gaming Development


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