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The key element of our Design Team, Tooling Room and Production Plant is the support functions that each recognize and play in the carrying out the daily production, tool testing and various designing decisions.

A) Design Team

· Conceptualize and carry out 2D or 3D product design.
· Design of jigs, fixtures and precision molds.
· To model part files using 2D or 3D formats.

B) Tool Fabrication

· Fabrication of jigs & fixtures for molding processes or secondary assembly.
· Fabrication of precision molds
· Produce aluminum inserts, brass inserts, stainless steel, titanium, PTFE & carbon parts.
· Fabricate prototype samples for initial product feasibility assessment.
· Provide mold repair and modification services.
· Provide in-house maintenance support to the Production Plant.

(C) Injection Molding

Our 7 injection-molding machines has the following production capacity as of Dec 2009: -

Machine Description No. Capacity
Krauss Maffei 200 Ton 1 unit 50%
Niigata CN 50 Ton 1 unit 75%
Niigata CN 75 Ton 1 unit 75%
Niigata CN 100 Ton 1 unit 60%
Kawaguchi 180 Ton 1 unit 80%
Launch 120 Ton 2 unit 80%

We have also worked on a variety of plastic materials including: -

  • ABS (Clear, FR, UV)
  • PC (Clear, GF, Carbon Filled)
  • PC/ABS
  • PBT
  • Santoprene
  • Noryl
  • Nylon (6, 66, GF)
  • Polyacetal (Teflon Filled)
  • Acrylic (Clear)
  • PVC (Soft/Hard)
  • EVA
  • LDPE
  • PP (Homo/Co Polymer)
  • HIPS

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